Calling all stations: call to co-fund a global award for water journalism

Okay, here comes a revolutionary, viral idea that can be stolen by whoever is concerned.

in Zaragoza now, at the UN-Water conference on Sustainable Urban Water Management,
an idea springs to mind, while attending a session on how to better "work" with journalists (no longer "using the media" please).

Why don't we organise/co-fund a global annual journalism prize for (investigative) water journalism?

Fact: water stories are the stories of the 21st century, of humanity, of our world - yet they are under-reported systematically, not interesting most of the time, not critical enough etc..
Why: because... well I don't know... too many reasons, but surely we're not doing our jobs well enough as "water professionals"

The idea would be to challenge established and world-reknown journalists to report on water (Pulllitzer for water); as well as to have competition entries from all continents by "young" (criterion to be refined) journalists (in-training).

at first reflection we'll need
- institutional support (could be thru UN-Water, UNSGAB etc...)
- money (by hitching 1% of the water conferences' fees worldwide, IWA memberships, voluntary etc...)
- support from major news outlets
- backing from high-profile board of trustees
- media champions and "people" support
- competition rules etc...
- linkages with journalism faculties around the globe

Ready to join me on this campaign, drop me a line at wacondah@yahoo.com