One should make one's own fun

We all have a fundamental choice in life, every single morning.

Be brave, positive, looking for the good stuff, and accept randomness and serendipity to screw you over or offer double pleasure. 

Nothing beats that lesson except the next one learnt a long time ago but insufficiently applied: 
#ATRA - these are the things you can control and choose in life

  • Attitude: be a stoic or Marcus Aurelius and yell out loud: age quid agis, al de rest zijn vodden
  • Timing: crucial in your self-management
  • Risk management: what kind of odds and risks are you willing to accept in all your choices and endeavours
  • Associates: choose your friends wisely; they are more important than your ennemies

All of this bubbles up after completing a first Marathon; a life-changing experience, but originally not in my bucket list. 
Back 17 years ago, I was already happy to take a shower standing and being able to wipe my own ass. I recall one singular ass-hole saying: you'll never walk again without limping.... a heartfelt fuck-you to that guy and a thank you for being that piercing splinter in my consciousness. I ran, I completed that marathon for all the right reasons and definitely not to prove you wrong. Thanks for all those along the road who brought me (back) and to this point!

Reading: #WhatIlearnedintheFinancialTimestoday every single day
Listening to: Parov Stelar
Thinking: if human rights are infringed by other citizens, what is the worth of it? (or... why are only States Duty Bearers....) - we're all in this together aren't we?
Travelling: Back from Bordeaux Marathon du Médoc