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Mobiles / Mentos COOL chews / Radio / Culture & Jamming:: a post to back up some stuff

To make sure we pass these messages along... We republish them here.

how many MOBILE numbers have you got... and how many different operators, country prefixes, etcetera...

Does a mobile phone make you mobile?

did you know that it's very difficult to listen into a cellular conversation, but only if both phones are moving at a speed generally faster than mere walking. The explanation is the following: moving along, your device scans the airwaves to pick up the signals of the nearest ANTENNAE, and without interrupting the conversation, you switch from 1 antenna to another.

But be carefull, apparently, some Dutch company developped a handheld device to trace the switching by keeping track of the SIM-card characteristics... This technology is already available for a very high price...

So while talking, keep moving... But remember to use a handsfree set in this country...
Went out to the friendliest grocery in this country and bought some mints, without realizing it, i popped a couple & a flood of flashbacks starting pouring down the spine. Neurons started racing eachother to produce all kinds of sensations. Proust's cookies can come to you in any form... Keep your brain alert to the mystery! We don't know half the stuff that's going on.

Culture jamming: taking the headliners of major corporations and transforming into what they really mean. Have you noticed that every big multinational organization has A/ a logo B/ "a motto" that sort of identifies what it stands for...

Ex: the Nike "swoosh" + Just do IT. CJam= you sweatshop member: JUST DO IT!!!

anyway, funny but also very sad to view how some people do not think for themselves. We spend much more time in front of T.V. than reading poems, books, opinions or essays, or just doing the stuff we love to do. Help! we are enslaved. somebody à la Bolivar should "liberate" us... But then again, this reference may be offensive to some Tribes in South - America. Oh, it's al sooo complex. But we should speak up, ventilate our thoughts and frustrations more and keep on TRYING to make this a better place... We should start with ourselves, clean in front of our own doors, recycle more, use less cars, stop buying so much plastic and generally be more AWARE of what we are doing here. Stop us from hiding, stop us from sticking our heads in the grounds

Driving on the highway. Music tuned into a funky channel. We have a TRAFFIC - system here that enables you to get up-to-date, realtime info. This is especially frustrating when you're already in the wrong place, at the wrong time. More fascinating though is the fact that this system works with coded data being transmitted to your car-radio, so that it switches off the cd or casette deck, right before they transmit the message, and switch it back on, all automatically. Now, recently, after the traffic message has been read out by some sarcastic reporter on duty, they stash a publicity message right after it, and before the data is transmitted that switches on your cd or casette again. The price of useless information...

Anyways: do the marketeers really think that the audience is stupid? I like advertising, especially the creative ones that make you laugh or curious. So please: COPY-writers: do YOUR JOBS better.

Consumerism is our way of life

get out there: NOW!!! You' re missing a piece of the action


The Code of the Geeks v3.12 http://www.geekcode.com

We recommand reading this and then interpreting the geekcodeblock will soon post here...

By the by: new sitedesign is up, running and waiting to be published. Check back very soon whether the threat is real or not...