Things You'd Like To Say At Work, But Can't

Other great motivational quotes on http://www.stamey.nu/Humor/workhumor.htm

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Wikipedia, the online collaborative encyclopedia launches an online collaborative recipe / cook-book! bon appétit!

Researchers Map The Sexual Network Of An Entire High School

Very interesting research conducted over 18 months: mapping the sexual/romantic activities of an entire high school... More interconnexions than you'd image.

Too bad, we were in an all boys' school ;-)


Company fires 4 employees for refusing smoking test

Hardliners in the US do not want their employees to smoke, even on their own time, for fear of having to pay for their medicare....

Tell that to the millions of Chinese and Indians...


Robots deployed in Iraq!

US robot warriors to head for Iraq in spring

ISN SECURITY WATCH (24/01/05) - Eighteen robot warriors equipped with
cameras and operated by remote control are scheduled for deployment
in Iraq this spring, where they are expected to by used by the US
military to help fight insurgents, the US Army reported late last
week. The 1-meter high robots are based on a previously designed
robot warrior, the Talon, used to disarm bombs. According to the US
Army, the robot soldier, known as the SWORD (Special Weapons
Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems), will be fitted with
automatic rifles and will be capable of tracking enemies swiftly.
SWORDS will be operated by human soldiers, who will order the robot
to fire by remote control. According to the BBC, the robot warrior
has four cameras with night-vision and zoom capabilities, can travel
over rocks and barbed wire, and can run on batteries for up to four
hours. The remote control device has two joysticks and a video
screen. The robot soldiers cost US$200’000 each. The SWORD will be
the first robot soldier used in actual combat situations. Their
deployment is expected in March or April, according to The Associated

Reading: The System of the World, part III of the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson
Listening to: Zornik, Zita Swoon, Gabriel Rios, Novastar, Stash & Ozark Henry (Belgian Nouvelle Vague!)
Thinking: Full Moon, Bright Stars, Lotsa snow and a murdered sheep
Travelling: to and fro Paris
Last picture: Shoah (Documentary) - in commemoration of the Liberation of Auschwitz, 60 years ago



Countdown to Environmental Whipe-out

Now that we left the Nuclear Cold War, we may develop another countdown 5-to-Midnight Environmental Armageddon ticker... Only this time, it's about irreversible global warming...


Assorted links & terrorist blooper videos

Some easy going surfin' safari


The World Famous German Joke of the day

Fat Boy Slim covers the "Joker" - with kittens


When the character ...

"When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends."

Japanese Proverb


Mafia Name Generator

Mafia Name Generator for great laughs

Some of my nicks: The Heartbreaker, The Mad Russion, aka Twenty Eyes....

Gamma ray burst - Death of Galaxis

Gamma ray burst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Gamma ray burst"

something scarier than killer asteroids

"Lucy memorialized": On the death of a city goose

Fantastic story about Chestertown's mascotte: Lucy the goose, who sadly passed away.

As I sat with her that last morning, trying to coax her with another bite, Lucy leaned against my shoulder and gently laid her face against my cheek. There's not a doubt in my mind she was saying goodbye.

A Theory of Power, -Swarming-

A Theory of Power, Jeff Vail's Critique of Hierarchy & Empire: "Swarming, Open-Source Warfare and the Black Block"

Great reference in case you need to counteract a violent attack: 3 key principles:

1. Elusiveness, in the form of mobility or concealment
2. Standoff Firepower, relative to the opposing force
3. Situational awareness of the local environment, relative to the opposing force

Freya is de moeder, maar wie is de vader?

Freya is de moeder, maar wie is de vader?

Dit blogje is een fantastische reactie op de zwangerschap van ons aller minister van Werk, Freya VDB.
Net zwanger, bewust B.O.M., en daarmee koketterend alsof ze het concept helemaal zelf ontwikkeld had. Ze voedt de speculaties over de mogelijke vader... Het mocht maar ne keer uitkomen dat het "nen duits" was...

Voorts zoekt ze het zelf: ze misbruikt haar positie als zwangere mama om zicht te pas en te onpas in het nieuws te laten opmerken. Onlangs sloeg ze een kanjer van formaat, waarmee ze de collectieve net-moeder-geworden vrouwengroep van 't land tegen zich in het harnas joeg: Freya vindt dat 6 weken zwangerschapsverlof "meer dan voldoende" zijn... dwz, als ge over chauffeur, kuisvrouw, een volledige ministerieel secretariaat als babysit & de rest van de SPa als teletubbies kunt laat opdrijven. Bovendien heeft haar pa minister ook ne keer een accident gehad en diene is dan ook ferm blijven doorwerken.

Eens te meer wordt bewezen dat in dit land de ministers net iets meer anders zijn dan gewone mensen... onmisbaar - maar toch misselijkmakend


Cream of the crop- 2004 in review

The Guardian has published a list of 100 sites to be added to your favourites folders...

Personally, 2004 was characterized by

and - what the heck - enthousiasm with colleagues and friends for online media
Guillaume Féry ... there you go - you're on the right track man!

Whitbread Book Awards

Amazing race this year, and unfortuntely Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke did not win. Note to self: Must buy this "Harry Potter for adults" asap!


End of the Year

Event of 2004: Europe goes 25 & Birth of Camille
Media of the year: Power to the people: blogging in Iraq, blogging in Ukraine & the USA elections
Person of the year: Dr. Baron Peter piot, head of UNAIDS & Jacques Rogge, head of IOC - 2 crazy Flemish/Belgians

Reading: Stephenson PartIII of the Baroque Cycle: The System of the World
Listening to: Gabriel Rios, The White Stripes
Thinking: about Jef d.B. - Jef van Ballekens, who silently passed away last Friday