March 22 in Belgium

March 22 was Belgium's 9/11
There is a before, and a horrible after.

Our thoughts go to the victims of barbaric violence, perpetrated by radicals.

32 people died in Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek train station.
It could have been each and everyone of us passing through, on the way to work, to family, to love. Many of us escaped; in fact almost all of us are the "lucky ones".

United we stand, for a while at least, and we should not fear the political recuperation.

Many questions remain on underinvestment, under-estimation of the threat, under-performing political systems.
Yet, in all the carnage and violence, it's comforting to see the small signs of kindness, of courage under fire, of deep commitment by police forces and first responsders.

Over the last 15 months, since Charlie Hebdo, Verviers, the foiled Thalys plot, the shooter at the Jewish museum, the Paris attacks of 13/11 and now this brutal confrontation in the core itself of European values.

Let's not forget that the overwhelming majority of terror acts does not occur in Europe, but in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
The "war" is not East vs West. This is not about Islam. This is about power, and power-shifting.

We should not allow our open and pluralistic socieites to become closed, and "in fear".
We should teach our children respect and love. We should lead in humanity.
Hopefully we can do that for other next generations as well, and not just our own.

Our response must be measured, and we have to keep faith in justice for all, and respect for each human's "human" rights. Let's promote that idea, instead of violent rhetorics.