NICE – Taxi Strike @ Carnaval - earlier this month

Mission to Nice, where Carnaval was in full swing and the taxis on strike. Going home, managed to snatch a cab unofficially at the trainstation for the airport. The guy was pissed off at the taxi synicate so he offered me a ride to the airport for 25 euros.

He showed me his real taxi sign in the trunk of his brandnew Mercedes and off we went, while his 2 year old kid was sleeping at my side.

Before we realized what went on, a real chase set off as taxidrivers on strike noticed how one of their colleagues was braking through their strike. They pursued us through the small streets and tried to set up roadblocks, while all of them at once started trying to raise the guy on his cellular and CB-set.

What followed was great rage, panic and fear. The guy spilled his guts to me and continued racing to the airport.
He proposed to drop me off, for no charge at a gas station, but insisted that I talked to him as a good friend and shake his hand before taking my leave.

I agreed, fearful to miss my flight, Air France was on strike too that day. Shaking his hand, a gang of taxistrikers showed up and starting roughing the guy up. I spoke up and talked to them telling them I was on a visit with my good friend.

“since when do you have English friends…” Paf!
“I’m Belgian: vous avez quelque chose contre les belges… ? »
Laconically : YES !

I grabbed my bags and sped off towards the airport….

Nippon Adventures: part 1


Attending the 3rd World Water Forum in Japan, in the beautiful cities of Shiga, Osaka & Kyoto….
Standby for impressions over the coming days:
Kickoff is tomorrow, Sunday the 16th.