Shovel some snow

I heard the news today, oh Boy.... We've found the antidote: go and shovel snow

Whilst the police were cordonning off Schuman yesterday, a massive traffic infarctus unfolded in the Kingdom due to some foreseen-yet-massive snowfall (approx. 7cm... leading to the worst traffic jams in history - 500KM). The cops were standing by "hoping" for some demonstrators to show up, who were obviously held up elsewhere, waiting in vain for the cops to show some creativity in resolving traffic incidents. Get those demonstrators and cops to show solidarity by shoveling snow

Our dear PM was on the radio pledging to "have a structural solution" for the homeless....by the end of February (2010?) and then strutted his stuff to the airport to be told that all flying had been cancelled... and as a result he'd be better off shoveling snow so that the homeless have clean sidewalks!

The blaming-game on the Assassination of the Senne led the Brussels Minister to "leave the Copenhaguen summit in urgency (What was she doing there anyway?)... she'd be better off shoveling snow and debris at the treatment station

... and the kids and I were happily outside enjoying a bit of unstressing, "shoveling snow"...

For all your practical problems, a practical solution: shovel snow, it's relaxing, clears pathways, demonstrates solidarity, keeps you warm, gives your heart a workout, prepares the driveway to roll out without easy, back in touch with your inner child, enjoy the silence, listen to nature, smile at your neighbour, enjoy the flatout whiteness...... etc....