Metro encounters
Vanmorgen op de metro:
een accordeon speler massacreert "Besame Mucho" - een evergreen uit de latijnse cultuur,
2 stations verder stapt er een andere accordeon speler aan boord.
Wat volgde was onbeschrijvelijk: een verbale vechtpartij in een Oost-europese taal, waarna ze elkaar te lijf gingen met hun instrumenten.
De stuivers vlogen in het rond, en er werden serieuze kletsen uitgedeeld.
Ik veranderde van wagon, waar prompt een andere straatventer zijn vodden probeerde te verslijten, dan opnieuw afdroop en bij het buitengaan de crowd toeriep
"vous ne savez pas ce que c'est d'avoir faim...", - ook al zag hij er enorm goed doorvoed uit...

Waren de territoriale grenzen overschreden,
was het een intern conflict of een poging van één misdadig netwerk om de vijandige filière een lucratieve lijn af te snoepen.

In elk geval staat vast dat, wanneer je lang genoeg in een stad hetzelfde patroon volgt, je steeds dezelfde bedelaars en aftrochelaars tegenkomt.


William Gibson Online

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"If you're going to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite." (Winston Churchill).


Quote of the Week, or the millenium?
Upon receiving his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo (2001), the United Nations' Secretary General Kofi Annan said,
"We have entered the third millennium through a gate of fire."

Was he clair-voyant?
New William Gibson novel!

As defined by Gibson in "Pattern Recognition," apophenia is "the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness in unrelated things." In other words: Recognizing patterns that aren't actually there.

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The U.S. Air Force likes to begin its bombing campaigns on moonless nights, and in Iraq, for about two weeks in early March, the moon will remain below the horizon until at least 4 a.m.
Time is up.., the USA became a war-monger.


Poetry in action:

100 poets against the War!
Dans nos calamités, les amis les plus fidèles
Nagent vers nous, entre deux eaux, comme des poissons.
Les amis de ces temps sont comme des hirondelles,
Qui s'approchent de nous au temps des moissons.

(Metro Poetry - 2003)


Maagdelijke onbevlekte ontvanging: het bestaat dan toch?
Een vrouwelijke donkere tijgerpython in Artis, de dierentuin van Amsterdam, heeft zichzelf gekloond.
De DNA-profielen van haar embryo's zijn identiek aan die van haarzelf.
Volgens onderzoekers is er bij de python sprake van een variant op de parthenogenese of maagdelijke voortplanting.
Bij deze wijze van voortplanting zijn de embryo's echter per definitie van het mannelijk geslacht.
De python in Artis krijgt dochters die identiek zijn aan haarzelf.
Parthenogenese was bekend bij diverse slangensoorten, maar niet bij pythons.
the 25 Rules (check Dr.Maffioso)

1- Even the Boss must get his fingernails dirty.
Don't make the people under you do things you have not done or are not willing to do. Once in a while, I'll go out into the field with a trusted capo of mine to send a message to my crew. If you are a leader, then lead by example. How can any subordinate argue with you then?
2- A handful of luck is better than a mountain of wisdom.
Okay, this one isn't Sal's or mine for that matter, but it is still an important rule. As smart as you can be, there are always intangibles in life you have to be prepared for. Even a wise man can slip on ice. Don't underestimate the power of being at the right place at the right time.
3- For every one word you say, let your enemies say ten.
Sort of like Rule 1, but I like to emphasize this point by saying that the more you reveal to your enemy, the more weapons he has to hurt you with. Let your enemy talk because information is power, and information can destroy.
4- Cash is cash, even if it comes from an elephant's stomach.
When you have greenbacks in your hands, there are no maybes, no ifs, no credit checks, no anything. A check can always bounce, a credit card is for suckers, cash is always cash (which is why my establishments only accept hard currency).
Don't tell anyone everything...
5- Never reveal 100% of anything to anyone.
If you have a great idea on how to become a millionaire, or how to convince the IRS that you really did only make $18,542 as a dental surgeon, never tell anyone all the details of your plan. Always hold something back, reveal only 75% or 90% of the plan if you have to. It protects you (especially if that last 10% is illegal), and it keeps your great idea yours.
6- Never make a decision when you are angry.
Smart, careful men realize they must have a clear head to think. When you are angry, it is your boiling bloodlines that speak for you, not your logic. Control your emotions. This is one of the most important rules there is. When you are angry, you make threats you often can't deliver on, or decisions you come to regret. Don't say I didn't warn you.
7- A man is nothing without his word.
One of the few things even a poor man has is his word. Your word should never be broken. Always keep your promises (you should never make promises, but I know how some of you clowns can't stop yourselves). The minute someone doesn't trust you is the minute you lose them.
8- Keep your mouth shut. If you have to lie, keep it short and simple.
If you don't have anything smart to say, don't say anything at all. Even if you have something to say, don't say it, you just end up revealing something to the other person, giving them more ammo to shoot you with. If your mouth stays shut, mistakes go the way of the dinosaurs.
If you lie, there is no use in you coming up with some conspiracy theory. A short and sweet lie is easier to defend (and remember) than some elaborate story about how some transvestite got lipstick on your tie.
9- The best way to dodge an enemy's bullet is by never being in a position where he can hit you.
Don't put yourself in a position where you can get in trouble. Avoid being put between a rock and a hard place. Never be in the same room with your enemy and he'll never have a clear shot at your head.
10- When you can't win a war by playing fair, bend the rules. Better yet, break them.
Unless you are some salame who is as motivated as a slug, you always want to win. Winning doesn't mean you have to play by the rules. It means winning. If you want to get ahead in life, you have to learn the rules of the side game. Those who run this country learned this rule a long time ago.
11- Never forgive betrayal.
Betrayal is an awful thing. It can destroy an organization or a person, so it's important you understand when it is happening to you so that you can take appropriate action. Capisce? Betrayal involves anything in which someone you trusted broke that trust. Let's go over the different ways they can do that.
· They rat on you, they go to cops, the Feds, IRS, INS, whatever. They betray their vow of silence and secrecy to you.
· They have rackets on the side that take away earnings from your organization, either by being in competition with your business or by working on those side businesses while they are on your payroll (if I send Johnny to collect for me, he better be banging down doors for me not for his side shylock business).
· They steal from you or skim from your rackets.
· They help an enemy of yours.
· They purposely deceive you into making a decision you otherwise wouldn't.
· They sleep with your wife, mistress or girlfriend without your permission.
· They are two-faced, insult your good name behind your back, or disrespect you.
· They humiliate you in private or public -- in front of you or not.
What should you prefer; fear or respect?
12. Whenever you're in doubt about whether an enemy should respect or fear you, always choose fear.
Respect is great, fear is better. Machiavelli made this one famous. Fear is a better deterrent than respect; fear will stop an enemy in his tracks more than respect will.
13. A woman's anger can always be subdued with a diamond ring (and a man's with a romp in the sack).
Is this a sexist rule? Who gives a damn? If a woman gets a diamond, she should shut up and be happy (it worked for our grandfathers, it should work for us). As long as my wife doesn't change, this rule will always apply with me. For men, I always tell my crew: A good night with a mistress will clear many ailments.
14- Behind every great man is a great woman.
Just because I tell you to follow Rule 13, doesn't mean that you should disrespect your wife. You need the stability of a great woman to be great. A man without a family can never be a complete man. A mediocre wife will always stop you from fulfilling your potential.
15- Nothing lasts forever.
Whether it is love, good fortune, success in business, your looks, or your hair, nothing lasts forever. This one is self-explanatory.
16- Never give a tip to someone who isn't looking.
Whether you are in a bar being served by a hot waitress, or giving a stock tip to someone at your office, don't give a big tip if -- a) the waitress is not even looking at you or going to know it is from you; or, b) the idiot you are giving the hot stock tip to doesn't even have an investment account or a clue as to what Nasdaq is.
17- If you go to war, always strike first. Strike hard, and hope it is the only strike you need.
When a conflict or a fight is inevitable, always strike the first blow. You will knock your enemy off-balance, and if your blow was strong enough, you could knock your enemy out completely.
18- Peace is only a prelude to war.
Never be complacent. Just because everything is going great in your life now, doesn't mean it always will. Always be ready for the worst, even if you don't live day to day as if the worst is happening to you.
Call a priest and prepare to die...
19- Have a priest on call if you choose to be a careless man.
If you are not careful, or at least cautious in your actions or words, you are doomed to make your wife a widow or torpedo your career.
20- When in doubt, follow your gut.
Instincts were given to us so that we can make a decision when all the elements in a decision-making process are not evident. Listen to your gut, it will save you more often than it will hurt you.
21- Man appoints, God disappoints.
I never quite understood what this meant. Sal used to say it all the time, and I would just nod my head even if I didn't know what he was trying to say. I don't even think Sal knew what it meant. Still, it sounds good.
22- Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.
People always misunderstand this saying. It doesn't mean you have to be best friends with your enemy, it just means you should do everything in your power to keep tabs on your enemy. Have someone you trust in his organization, or as his confidant. Know his moves, predict his thoughts, and capitalize on his weaknesses.
23- Overestimate the time something takes, and underestimate its rewards.
Even the best-laid plans sometimes don't come to fruition (yeah, big word, I know). Most of the time, we have to work to get something, and that means being patient. Overestimating the work and underestimating the reward will never leave you disappointed.
24- To make money, you have to spend money.
I hate greasing all these corrupt politicians, but most of the time, I makes me ten times more money as a result. Don't be afraid to spend money if it will bring you more. Take a loan at the bank if you have a great idea for a business. Pay a good employee a decent salary. Pay for expert advice. If you are a smart businessman, you will always come out on top.
25- Lucky is the man who suffers humiliation in front of others, for his revenge will be sweeter.
If someone ever embarrasses you, make sure he gets a good laugh; make sure people see this embarrassment because the memory will eat at you until you get your revenge. Too often, people don't retaliate when they are humiliated. Raise the stakes, and you'll have no choice but to return with a vengeance.


What's the difference between
- an astronaut
- a cosmonaut

... Citizenship... USA vs Russia...
Check out the brave guys up there, after the docking of a Russian spaceship with supplies and energy.
After the incident last week, horrible as it may have been, we simply must continue to realize that travelling out of the atmosphere ain't a trip to Disney.... We can leave that to M.Jackson, who confessed that he "sleeps with children". Get that guy out of the ether-sphere....


Pentagon Budget Increase demanded by GW Bush: 2002: +11%, 2003: +4,5%: total military spending to protect the homeland will reach 400 Billion Dollars (13,5% of US Total Budget) - without calculating cost of eventual, yet still hypothetical war in Iraq.

Peace Operations Decrease: - 24%
Aid to the poorest countries slashed by 53%: total amounts to 1,3 Billion Dollars.


Tomorrow Bush's Stooge ex-General C.Powell provides the unrefutable PROOF that WAR is necessary to...
To what?

We've lost it here...


2003 = The year of the Matrix: RELOADED & REVOLUTIONS:
countdown: 101 days...

¤ Major Kick Ass Screensaver to be downloaded

¤ Article in Newsweek (oeee, mainstream media....$$$)