The revolution will be FirexFoxed !

Finally a good alternative for MS I.E vXXX.
Firefox actually works!

It's quicker on startup, faster in displaying pages, fully customizable, and a lot less vulnerable to internet related threats than IE.
Plus, you can browse multiple pages in one window!

101 reasons by Frank to use FirexFox


"Het Eiland"

Most hilarious television show, involving the life and pains of 3 guys working at an open space desktop.

Lang geleden dat ik nog zo met den teevee gelachen heb, aflevering na aflevering.
Je houdt het niet voor mogelijk, maar het pijnlijke wordt zelfs grappig, zeker als je met zijn allen op weg staat in de file en je bedenkt dat het leven niet al te veel verschilt van wat onze helden meemaken...

Rat-a-plan in the Congo

Whoah, his Excellency Karel De Gucht went to the Congo, for the second time this mandate. As Belgian's Minister of Foreign Affairs, he plays a major role in following up on the goodwill created in our ex-colonies by Louis Michel, his predecessor.

And you would think that the Congolese would be happy to see Belgian Diplomats coming... with major contracts, shitloads of grease monney, ...

Oh no, our proud and efficient diplomats do bring all the goodies, and more....

For the second time, M.De Gucht and his incompetent staff stepped on a lot of cholera-striken toes:

- upon arrival, they distributed a press file on M.Joseph Kabila, supreme head of allied command (no strike that) - DICTATOR of Congo, claiming "that he was very probably not the son of his father, the late President Kabila... and that it was more likely than not that Kabila JR was of non-congolese origin...." Tell that to a bunch of tribal and tribe-obsessed dudes: your President is a bastard, and he's not even coming from your own country....

De Gucht's team defense: "it was written by an intern"....

- Last time he went to the great Congo area; M. De Gucht, - Charles pour les amis, claimed that he had yet to meet the first single competent politician.... (after touring the whole fucking area for days)...

Wacondah says to the tribe: just like in the old days - let's cook De Gucht for dinner.

More diplomatic incidents: the arrival of Condi Rice in Brussels Airport last week. Another high ranking diplomat is shown on prime time TV yelling at a Diplomatic Service Security Agent: you are in Belgium, fuckface - and I'm the boss here.... REad the full story here at lvb.net and make sure you check out the SD Guys own version of what really happened on the tarmac.

It makes you wonder: what kind of stunt are the Belgians gonna pull off next Sunday thru Wednesday, as the Real Supreme Head of Allied Command visits Brussels. Yes, Yes, Beavis, Bush is coming to town, for the second time, and he's throwing lotsa parties with his ol' pals Chirac & Verhofstadt.

Bearing in Mind that we already have an excellent reputation/understanding/working relationship with the fellows of Texas and assorted colonies, could we please NOT have a senior statesman standing in front of Bush yelling to the crowd: "this guy's NOT from Texas, I repeat NOT from Texas..."

- Embarrassed to have a Belgian Passport... )-)