Over the last 105 days, I've learned a lot about myself, society, the willingness and kindness of people that do share my values. From charity to personal commitment, from artists to entrepreneurs, from simple customs agents to senior managers; of all these interactions, I learned a lot.
Today marks my first, back at the office in Paris; in front of Pompidou (under revamp-construction). Will it mark the beginning of the phoenix-re-rise of this blog? Not sure.

But there are too many stories that need to be told.

I witnessed lethargy, apathy, ambition, intolernance, stupidity and kindness, longing, reflection and support.
We all witnessed that and we all had to look ourselves in the mirror these last months every single morning. We had families to run, jobs to do, kids to homeschool, colleagues to help out. We sat in soo many webinars that we lost count.

Today marks a special day, as we witness the second wave of Corona resetting us?

What are the questions we should be asking each other, a part from the obvious ones?
What are the actions we should be undertaking, a part from the obvious ones?
What are the things we need to do, for the generations down the line, to enjoy the same standards of living (or better)?
What are our possible contributions to help those that do not have it?

I lived through a war-zone. People compare it to WW2, the 1929 financial crisis, or our generation's 9/11 but at world level.
I feel humbled by the energy spent, the courage of people taking decisions under fire and all our "caretakers" whether they were frontline medical staff, or teachers homeschooling, but also the administrative and local police personnel who kept on going.

Our family, for now, is quite safe but I have not hugged my parents for many months now.
Our kids are doing not too badly, although they had too miss soo many things.

In the beginning, I tried calling up at noon, every single day - a person that I had not spoken to in ages (through the social media randomization you witness someone liking a post and then you call them up).
And from day one, we started cooking for Elke, so that she would not need to go into the canteen.
But there were many other actions around mouth masks and setting up a collective garden. (more on that later).
I also signed up as a volunteer for our village to open up the weekly market early on Tuesdays.

Today, June 24, I'm extremely grateful for being in the office in Paris and witness an almost "normal normal". We have to be vigilant. And remain vigilant.

I'm also worried about what is going on in other parts of the world. This crisis is far from over.

Reading: Peter Verhelst
Viewing:  28 Days Later
Listening to: "het Marc Van Ranst Lied"
Thinking: "In crisis, only 3 to 5% of the population acts, everybody else just stands by in apathy" - Daniel Solvay
Travelling: Brx - Paris today, for the first time in many months. It interrupts my 19year ongoing streak (never been absent so long since October 2001)