Bad Taste?

Movie "POSTAL" by Uwe Boll, listed on the Deutsche Börse,
Would be a great asset in an unethical portfolio...

Love & Toilets: don't mix?

Water Wars?

Water wars ? - According to a study by Oregon State University, the world’s 263 trans-boundary rivers (whose basins cover nearly half the land surface of the world) generate more co-operation than conflict. “Over the past half-century, 400 treaties had been conducted over the use of rivers. Of the 37 incidents that involved violence, 30 occurred in the dry and bitterly contested region formed by Israel and its neighbours, where the upper end of the Jordan river was hotly disputed (…), before Israel took control in the 1967 war. And some inter-sate water treaties are very robust. The Indus river pact between India and Pakistan survived two wars and the deep crisis of 2002”. (The Economist – May 03/09, 08)

Boon's Fenomenale Feminatheek en nog meer "kunst" die jij niet mag zien

In Antwerpen werden ze verboden om de "goegemeente" tegen verderfelijke invloeden te beschermen... Resultaat: De Morgen zet ze online en De Standaard geeft het boek opnieuw uit ;-)

Via http://verlichtingshumanisten.web-log.nl/museum_kwetsende_kunst/


Climate Change: Beer at risk!

Climate change: Beer at risk

New Zealand - People who now dismiss the effects of global warming may soon take it really, really seriously. Climate expert Jim Salinger of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in Wellington, New Zealand predicted that warming and water shortages will diminish the production of barley within ten years. Barley malt is the main ingredient in beer. If barley harvests drop, beer prices will go up significantly, Salinger said.