Hidden Pearl

Middelheim Park, city of Antwerp
A hidden pearl, tucked away between highways, upscale villas and slum-style social urbanisations,
the parc actually sits on a highway tunnel.

A true gem for its magnificent sculpture collection, and a huge diversity of tree specimens!
It was an awe-inspiring walk in the parc!

Jan Hoet says: "Everything is art"
Avi says: "Art is everything"

Reading: Dimitri Casteleyn, De Verjaardag (3/5)
Viewing: X-files, season 1
Listening to: Parov Stelar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg6Z4QbxMrs
Thinking: Attitude, Timing, Risk, Associates (ATRA)
Travelling: Kinderlust/Haaibaai


So you wanna be an expert?

It's clear by now, that attempting to be a real expert in any given field, requires a tremendous amount of time, dedication, studying and commitment.

You can be a "half"-expert in canoeing, or back-country trekking, or in off-piste alpine skiing,
it's quite easy to master a difficult skill like rigging a 15foot catamaran for sailing without rudders in 5 Beaufort on the North Sea,
or it's rather complicated, but not undoable to learn the soccer game rules and qualify for minimum tresholds as a certified referee.
These are skills that can be mastered, given time and enough experience, and of course mentors.

In reality, becoming a real, more than "half" expert in any given field, requires much more;
it's about failure, and willingness to fail,
it's about confrontation with your own limits and willingness to engage in trade-offs.

It takes patience, even more dedication, time (left alone) and a cunning sense of distinguishing what you really need to know, and what can be dumped without any risks of being defrocked as a fake....

We all spend a lot of time pretending to be real experts.
Now is the time to firm up, catch up to our qualfiications and speak the truth.


The Future has arrived: the #Velleman #K8200!

The #Velleman #K8200

First commercially available self-assembly 3D printing at home;

For raving "independent" reviews.

Reading: World Water Z (****/5)
Viewing: (goal this summer: the complete X-files 9 seasons!)
Listening to: Parov Stelar
Thinking: a lot of inefficiencies can be tackled by entrepreneurs!
Travelling: by train nowadays