Mustafa in Court

Read this story from the Reuters Wire: An IMAN convicted for preaching how to hit your disobeying wife... (no comment)

A Spanish court sentenced an imam to 15 months in prison Wednesday for writing a book instructing husbands how to beat their wives without leaving bruises. A lawyer for the Egyptian-born imam, Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, 44, vowed to appeal, telling state radio the ruling was unjust.

The Barcelona court found Mustafa guilty of provoking violence on the basis of gender in his book "Women in Islam," published in 2000. The book recommends that in the case of a "rebellious woman" a husband should attempt "serene dialogue" and if that fails, refuse to sleep in the same bed. If rebellion persists, the woman should be struck in a "symbolic" way and "without excesses," the court order cited the book as saying.

"If one needs to use blows, they should be administered to specific parts of the body like the feet and hands, using a light and thin stick so it will not leave scars or bruising on the body," read an excerpt from the book quoted in the ruling.

In the trial Mustafa argued that much of his advice was based on the Koran, the Muslim holy book.

But the court said today's society was "not the Arabian desert of 14 centuries ago," and ruled that some passages violated the penal code and women's constitutional rights, partly because Mustafa was a prayer leader with influence over people at his mosque near Malaga, on the southern coast.

Spanish media reported that Mustafa would not go to jail because first time offenders in Spain who receive terms of less than 28 months usually have their sentences suspended.

The court also fined Mustafa 2,160 euros ($2,742) and ordered copies of the book to be confiscated, according to the written court order.

The court said parts of the book addressing menstruation, childbirth, makeup and clothing promoted sexual discrimination that was "intolerable and criminally reproachable."



first reactions against the Brazilian effort to copy the new upgraded border security in the USA:
a US American Airlines pilote gave 'em the finger, while being photographed and fingerprinted...
and ... was arrested: goddammit: of course: yeah!
We sure as hell gotta go out there and do the same thing while entering the Us of A...
Spread the word and the files (cf. our post infra "Project American Alien)

photo by Reuters
Random thoughts

Ever-Increasing amount of tagging on publicity in Parisian subway system: some guys are really out to search and destroy the marketeers... Every day you see more of it sprawled all over posters, walls and trains. End-of-days type of environment, just picture th flying newspapers, and bang - you're in a remake of 12 Monkeys

Speaking of movies:
check out the following:

- 28 DAYS LATER: Trainspotting Director attacks end-of-days scenario in the UK, after outbreak of industry-grade test monkeys infected with rage: zombies all over the UK (just like in real life...)

- The ICE AGE: inspiring cartoon feature: we just loved that type of rat/chipmunk on the prowl for his beloved nut...

- DAS EXPERIMENT: a psyhological experiment, putting 24 people in a toy-jail where they have to impersonate guards and prisoners brings havoc and unleashes unexpected sadism, violence and terror...

Final remark: remember the old days when MTV used to bring you innovative music and programs, Beavis and Butthead in prime time, not interpuncted by zillions of commercials. Nowadays, it's swamped with the informecials and big black bad guys doing chicks, coke, and breaking the law, while pumping away some ghetto-blasting music. It seems the only thing those guys preach is: it is okay to run around in hillarious clothing, with big chains around your neck, lounging at the pool where the female to male ratio is 20/1 (all females are to be scantily clad,...)...

This made us think about putting up a list of

ingredients for successful rap video making

1. Make sure your lead singer is big, black, bald and bad, and with EQ and IQ subzero and no taste (for a female rap video: replace the lead singer with a female species (anything goes) and add some male scantily clad dancers, and of course, the 7002 girlfriends all scantily clad.)
2. At all times, make sure that the screen is filled at least up to 40% with naked flesh (human, brownish and "tanned")
3. Tatoos, man, lotsa tatoes, and gold !!!! bracelets, teeth, nipple rings, toe rings, neck chains, nose piercings (and big rocks, just like jenny from the block)
4. Unwearable, unfashionable clothes that display the complete lack of taste and style of the main charachters and the naked support group - as in: show up in this outfit, and you will never find a job. (and get pulled by cops all over the world)
5. Big HUGE cars (some car manufacturers fear and loathe their stylish cars being included in violent clips, others stimulate it: Rolls Royce, Cadilllac, big huge HumVees; Matrixstyle pickup trucks...)
6. The cash displayed is in dollars (very large coupons)
7. Storyborad All girls hang around the lead singer; all they ever seem to want is go to the master bedroom, get naked (all 7 of them at the same time) and wax his body-builded "frame" (as in: normal muscularistation is never gonna get you the typical bisceps and bull-neck, refer to plastic surgery in Hollywood asap...). The storyliune of the main character is something like this: you betrayed me, I'm now the king of the road and the 'hood, i'm gonna bust you up real good, and enjoy martinis with my girlfriends for the rest of my life.
8. You never ever get to see the "band", you only stare at a succession of close-ups of booty, shaking loads of cellulitis, and the ugly black teeth of the big bald bad black guy with an attitude
9. Get a well-known producer: Emninem or Snoop Dogggggggg (if the latter is not involved in porn-production)
10. Learn how not to spell and choose a "name", preferably from the 'hood.

We admit, hard rock or pop videos and/or ballads can be reduced to same tasteless stuff;
our decision: to stay away from t.v. (period!)