Lost in Translation star Bill Murray; caught drunk driven a golfcart in Stockholm

Apart from this being one of the greatest movies ever made, Lost in Translation should be mandatory viewing for any melancholic frequent traveler. An hommage to Japan by itself, the movie paints a sorry portrait of success and our unability to understand different cultures.

Update - B.Murray has just been caught by Stockholm traffic police, for driving a golfcart -drunk - in downtown Stockholm: another classic example of real-life being weirder than some movies...


Art (A.Pacino in Scent of a Woman)

Brad Pitt - saving landmarks!

Aside from suffering his wife's campaigns, he found time to save some architectural landmarks in the USA. Insisting on shooting at an endangered location: great idea. What's next? Brad could have a look at UNESCO's World Heritage List or at the World's Intangible & Oral heritage

Dads, Geeks - Wired has a new blog

Geeks & Dads united on one of Wired.com coolest blogs. interesting articl on how to "loc8te" stuff.... Clip it to your kid, and "hide-n-seek" becomes childplay - NOT!

Geekdad - Wired Blogs: "Aside from the obvious keys/wallet finding benefits, it doesn't take much imagination to think up more fun applications like digital treasure hunts and hide-and-go-seek. On a more practical level I admit that if my cat Kylie were the outdoors type I would definitely buy one of these and tag her collar, and in certain circumstances (i.e. something involving big crowds) would certainly clip one on my daughter's belt. "


August update

Reading: Jared Diamond: "Collapse"
Viewing: Grizzly Man
Listening to: Vive la Fête
Thinking: "1,5 children die every year from drinking polluted water"
Travelling: From Heist to Stockholm
Last picture: see flickr for new set (Cities Visited)

Terrorism, Part II - Freakonomics

Terrorism, Part II - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog: "the main reason we aren’t currently being decimated by terrorists is that the government’s anti-terror efforts have been successful."

Now that's a great line!


Kruger Battle

Called one of the most amazing videos on Youtube... The epic battle in Kruger park between prey/predator and the outcome is quite unexpected. Also interesting are the comments by the safari tourists and guide: you clearly hear a very typical antropomorphic view on the buffalo...


Summer Holidays are over

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Summer holidays at the Flemish North Sea Coast:
- sailing my 5.0 Nacra Cat (in 6 Beaufort, 2,5m high waves and no rudders) and still getting certified
- spending 2 weeks with Camille & Henri (what an adventure!)
- biking, strolling, blading and generally refraining from CO2-emissions
- mentally preparing for la rentrée & October!
- building sandcastles and watching them being swallowed!

more pix on http://www.flickr.com/photos/wacondah/sets/72157601321252674/