The Meaning of Life?

Artist: http://www.goodnet.org/articles/could-this-be-meaning-life
#Héléne Leroux http://loulouln.blogspot.co.il/

Ryoan-Ji, Kyoto, Japan

I visited this place, in March 2003, very early in the morning. There was almost no one else.
Pure Magic.
Kyoto is on the top-10 places to (re)see before you die!

Poem: "Annual Review, the poetry of management"

- inspired by a story from Lifehack, combined with the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby.

Keeping track of your achievements.
Writing about a goal, is (almost) equal to committing it to memory.
Translate it into action, remains then to be seen.
Mention how you made or saved your money; by starting an expense spreadsheet.
Talk about your development goals, this year, for me, it was becoming a referee. 
It is all about stepping out of thebox, and expanding your boundaries.

Set my goal for the next three months, would be: say thank you more often to friends and family.
Don’t shun away from areas to improve, in my case, writing more often, publicly.
It is joy, it is fun, teaches you music and clarity.
Like Gatsby, who believed in the green light,…
“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”