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welcome to WSSD where the streets are cleared every night and where the UN is picking up momentum...
Exciting times for the more than 60.000 delegates from all over the world/
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"You don't choose your destiny,
it chooses you..."
Minority report

reporting from Sweden: climate change appears to quite a tricky issue: there is no clear set of data that enables to predict or assess the present niño-niña panic...
you never know if or when the GULF Stream decides to move south...and then we all end up as refugees in North Africa...

more info: www.siwi.org


"The usual rejoinder to someone who says "They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Galileo" is to say "But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown."
-- Carl Sagan

and a list of skeptical quotations: www.skepp.be

some of them are quite funny
Blessed are those that run around in circles for they shall be known as wheels. --
friday five

1. lineage: thoroughbred brabant draft horses? no: root directory in East Flanders, combined with very fine brabantian genetic influences (toss in some Limburgian and WestFlandrian influences). And not to forget the whole range of invading populaces (Romans, Franks & Celts, Huns, Spaniards, Dutchmen, Frenchmen, Vikings, Germans, Austrians, Burgundians, etcetera²)
2 & 3. who's talking countries in n°1? this is the Europe of the Regions... most unlikely to go to... well, we used to say the lowest priority continent was Africa, and in fact, first trip this year was there, as is the next trip (dep. 24th of august). So, you never know....
4. we feast the whole time during the year (burgundy influence), yet officially we have the 11th and 21st of july
5. the first ancestors to move to present country? well, statistically you could trace back everybody in Europe to Charlemagne or Julius Caesar. Let's just say: undisclosed mystery wrapped up in the storms of time


"La vie donne toujours une deuxième chance"

Welcoming Jan & Suzanne, 2 marvellous creatures that travel endless circles!