BRABO is back.... en eigenlijk nooit weggeweest
Ongelooflijk, de kerels van nu doen het werk van vroeger,

En als kriek op de taart de poster van hun Galabal... dat doorgaat op 28 februari in Château Bayard...
Ze zijn wel nog op zoek naar de statuten en naar meer info omtrent de mysterieuze "Ordre du Valet". Waarvan acte, en misschien dat ze langs hier meer info vinden...
Vrienden, de 13e generatie groet U!
Jean-Jacques Rosa, Professor of economics and Sciences Po MBA (Paris) :
"Terrorism, the war of small groups against states, has been on the rise since the end of the Cold War and the collapse of communism. (...) The decentralized terrorist challenge has replaced the monopolistic Soviet challenge". (WSJ-Europe – 30.01.03)
The MATRIX II & III are approaching:
here's a French, quite comlete review

Quotes of the week:

"As he would learn all his life, nearly everything seems a letdown after a writer has finished writing something..." (GARP, page 164)

"It is only the vividness of memory that keeps the dead alive forever; a writer's job is to imagine everything so personally that the fiction is as vivid as our personal memories" (GARP, page 163)
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Wacondah.com listed as a noteworthy blog on

Chez Lubacov

Belgian BlaBla
with an incredible review: a big how-how....
"The World according to Garp" by John Irving

- Bru-Paris: as usual
- Marseille
- Kyoto, Shiga & Osaka: 3rd World Water Forum

Paris - Gare du Nord
Pont Marie
Site of the week & Music of the Moment:
Massive Attack's 4th or 5th (if you take into account the Mad Professor album): Album and Tour:100th window
Massive Attack Lyrics

The great band is back, and here to stay...
Concert in Zenith Paris on April 25, sold out, but We are going....
Whoah, gym-trained bodies, plastic surgery and shining teeth; a nation obsessed with an obsolete and westernized (as in Cinema Westerns) goes to war...
(CNN) -- In a nation obsessed with sparkling teeth and minty-fresh breath, the lowly toothbrush is the king of inventions.

Zen for your soul:

Rely on the message of the teacher, not on his personality;
Rely on the meaning, not just on the words;
Rely on the real meaning, not on the provisional one;
Rely on your wisdom mind, not on your ordinary, judgmental mind

IRAQ: the series:

* The BBC looks into the future: the Camp David meeting with Tony the Pony and Dubya...http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/2702393.stm

1/ they will declare war
2/ they will decide how they'll use the oil
3/ they'll once again baffle the whole wide world with mysterious explainifications....

* Can - or rather - Will the evil Dictator strike back? Answer: yes. And can we do something about it? Answer: No.... This indepth analysis of what really happened at 9/11 shows us that there is no turning point, and that the keys to the conflict are not limited to oil: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/. The answer lies in the nearer Middle East, in Palestina and Jerusalem.

Extract from Email:
Analyze this... and get yer war on with Iraq....!

Someone should get rid of this Puppet Master that's being puppeteered...
Extracts from his State of the Union adress.
Next meeting: February 5th, where C.Powell will provide "evidence".....
Anyone up for bets: War is on, within 3 months from now (1 €uro betting entrance fee...)

Read the last sentence of this paragraph....

To date, we've arrested or otherwise dealt with many key commanders of al Qaeda. They include a man who directed logistics and funding for the September the 11th attacks; the chief of al Qaeda operations in the Persian Gulf, who planned the bombings of our embassies in East Africa and the USS Cole; an al Qaeda operations chief from Southeast Asia; a former director of al Qaeda's training camps in Afghanistan; a key al Qaeda operative in Europe; a major al Qaeda leader in Yemen. All told, more than 3,000 suspected terrorists have been arrested in many countries. Many others have met a different fate. Let's put it this way -- they are no longer a problem to the United States and our friends and allies. (Applause.) We do like the "Applause" comment inserted here

And read Bush mis-pronounciation legal-- illegal... What does he mean?

The world has waited 12 years for Iraq to disarm. America will not accept a serious and mounting threat to our country, and our friends and our allies. The United States will ask the U.N. Security Council to convene on February the 5th to consider the facts of Iraq's ongoing defiance of the world. Secretary of State Powell will present information and intelligence about Iraqi's legal -- Iraq's illegal weapons programs, its attempt to hide those weapons from inspectors, and its links to terrorist groups.


Did the Chinese discover the Americas before Columbus?
controversy reigns, but see for yourself: http://www.1421.tv/
Read this: a Vietnam Vet's consideration of what is going on in the world today
"Just as we cannot focus on both our eyes simultaneously when we look into the miror, we can only imagine the way that someone else is looking at us" p13
"How can one look at a painting, and NOT consider the look of those who have gazed at it before.." p 15
Reading: Stealing the Mona Lisa - What art stops us from seeing < Darian Leader

Listening to:
"The rising" < Bruce Springsteen

Site of the Month
"Hagakuré - the complete book"


It has begun, today @ 18 PM ECT (+1)
strong rhetorics after the discovery of a poisoning-plot in London link the Al Qaeda network to an Iraqi based terrorist organisation...
And that on the day that massive military mobilisations are taking place...

Free your mind... and think again

Read the full post at the BBC.
The Xmas and New Year's Parties are over: one common denominator: neckties still pose a threat to our mental sanity... And we had a lot of fun practicing new styles with cousins and friends... So here is the final guide....

Neckties became commonplace as the 19th Century English Coach drivers were starting to develop techniques to guard their scarves around their necks while travelling through the icy countryside
Here are some links for the more stylish underprivileged that have yet to learn to choose their favourite among the wide array of necktie-knotting techniques...

Cambridge College Scientific analysis of 85 ways tot tie a tie...
and the book that goes along with it...

Scouting historical review of ties

Our favourite is definetely the Shelby or take a closer look here (Shelby2) with a silk tie and a sexy knot that stays up all day long...



It will be more important in 2003 than ever to know the differences between (name any 3 sets):

2) The nations grouped under the name of Benelux

It's outrageous how we in the Low Countries get singled out for preposterous mocking behaviour. Most of you surely know what a "Belgian Dentist" behaves like. And you were also keen to notice that the Belgian outpost in the Iraqi desert was the first to be blown apart by invading aliens...
Here was another example in Time magazine, preparing a so-called funny quiz...