Ipod 80 GB Top25 Playlist

september 2006, the month that changed your life.
after much hesitating, even publicly condemning the iPod rage, you concede defeat and head for the store.

3 weeks later a very tiny tiny box arrives with a freshly-engraved little white case in it. it was virgin, it remained virgin for 10 more minutes, the time you needed to open the box (carefully), untie the knots and connect the cables.

the computer sprang to life, the machine powered itself up feeding on a drip-IV USB cable and all of sudden, you were mesmerized.

some forgotten mp3s still lingering on the hard disk were transfered along the drip-IV and the ride home ended being boring...

in fact, if ever the word "serendipity" had a practical application-annex-experience: the iPod would be it...

Push the button, play, and forget you ever wanted to switch music

You've got the music in you

Literary event, de la rentrée

According to the raving critics, this American writing in French is poised to hit and run on this fall's literary awards: Jonathan Littell - Les Bienveillantes. An aboslute must-read


Your Personal Eoclogical Footprint... and what you need to do about it

Go on to calculate your own BigFoot (in French and in Dutch) imprint and impact on the planet's resources and...find out how you can reduce your impact... Living off the land is no longer within everybody's reach as we are already over-consuming the resources...

Wacondah's footprint is estimated at 4,1 hectares... of land used yearly to sustain our way of living. The average Belgian uses 5,6 hectares. The sustainable footprint is calculated at 1,8 ha, but this does not take into account restoration of lost land, resources and habitats. It's sustainable in a sense that no further losses are to be encountered.... and TACEPA, (toutes autres choses étant égales par ailleurs...) which would e.a. mean that all human beings enjoy the same levels of access to resources...
Some challenges we are considering:
- eat more fresh and local vegetables and fruits
- no more publicity and direct-mail!
- consume less meats
- continue using only recycled paper
- shower less and avoid baths
- car sharing (sustain this) and go "public" where possible, or better, lobby the gov't to install more bike routes
- use a lid on each kitchen pot and kettle
- stop using Airco in the car (already doing this)
- use the kill switch on all electrical appliances, and not the "sleep" modus
- lower the house temperature to 19°C.
- drive in a more relaxed fashion
- avoid planes for holidays

More info can be obtained at www.ecolife.be