Matrix Reloaded release date 15th of May 2003

"Rien n'entrave la marche vengeresse des idées reçues..."

¤ Houellebecq, "Extension du domaine de la lutte"
¤ Fiennes, "The White Geese"
¤ Elroy, "The Cold Six Thousand"
¤ P.Coelho: "L'alchimiste"

Listening to:
* Prince: The Rainbow Children
* U2: Best of 1990-2000

Last concerts:
* Prince: One nite alone with... (Antwerp & Paris) - thnx Q!, love E! (Last December)

Last movies:
* Caro Diario & La stanza del figlio (N.Moretti)
* Signs (M.Night Shamalyan)
* Bowling for Columbine (M.Moore)
* The Thomas Crown Affair
* Play Time (J.Tati @ Flagey!)

Quote of the month, to stay in a familiar sector:
"Il ne faut pas vouloir le beurre ET l'argent du beurre"

Matrix character test: are you the one?