Kevin Debruyne kan hier nog iets van leren



Reading:  21 lessons for the 21st century (Yuval Harari): After Sapiens and Homo deus (*****)
Viewing:  Narcos (Mexico)
Listening to: Gabriel Rios, Jef Neve & Kobe Proesmans, Ausencia
Thinking:  I may be wrong, but I doubt
Travelling:  soon off to the far east


What I learned in the news today

Reading: Sapiens, Home Deus and 21 lessons for the 21st Century by Harari (all merit a ***** rating)
Viewing: Ozark season 2, Fury and Better Call Saul
Listening to: de humorradio in streaming, soundtrack of Interstellar
Thinking: John Wick is man of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will...
Travelling: it's been a rough 6 months with Brasilia, Toronto (twice), Algonquin Park, Stockholm, Geneva, Vienna and of course every week Paris. Upcoming is Marseille and Thailand!


Dans le désert, il ne faut pas se faire tuer par un lièvre, mais par un lion

Resolutions for 2018
- complete a 1/2 Triathlon
- make sure to not take plastic bags in stores
- read more

not bad to kick off the year right?

Reading: Het Smelt (nog altijd.... maar hij gaat eraan).
Finished reading: Oorlog & Terpentijn van Stefan Hertmans (***** hartverwarmend en echt ontroerend) en Vuile Lakens (de moeite om mee te zijn met de laatste inzichten in seksuologie)

 Viewing: Gotham, Designated Survivor
 Listening to: Frank Sinatra
Thinking: Less is more => Practice Kondo More
Travelling: just back from Yucatan, getting ready for Rome, Lisbon, Val Thorens, Brasilia, Geneva and last but not least.... Algonquin this summer!