Osama does it again...

just when you think you've got it all figured out and expect Bush to pull a rabbit out of his hat in a grandwizardly tour de force resembling Gandalf the White...

OBL shows his grey beard again in a televised show, that even the worst Hollywood producer and the sickest screenwriter couldn't, wouldn't have dared to come up with...

You may ask yourself: if I were Osama, would I miss out on the magnificient opportunity to f*ck around with the Americans' minds 2 days before the tightest election race in the history comes to an end... and
- threaten with more terror
- mock the POTUS
- mock all Americans
- generally make all extremists worldwide laugh in their beards.... wherever they may hide...

After September & March 11th, and after Beslan, after the mutltiple Indonesian bombings, the Iraq kidnappings.... do you feel that the world has become a less safer place, and that Gov't the world over are acting accordingly... Or is it just a figment of overexposure in the media and did this stuff happen all the bloddy time?

I still have a case of "Westmalle triple" sitting here predicting a Bush victory, an escalation of violence and decades of economic regress in front of us... or not?


First results are in: Bush wins the election ...

Just kiddin' of course, but hey, on Tuesday we're gonna find out?
Or will we?

Nen bak trippel hier zegt dat de zittend president er niet uit gebonjourd wordt, en als het toch een te nipte overwinning wordt, dat zal er wel geprocedeerd worden totter dood.

Timothy Garton Ash compared American and European politics: see for yourself:

USA: hollywood production about sex; lies, war, terrorism, more sex, more war - two leading characters that often appear as caricature of themself, both extremely rich and sions from well-to-do families, on a quest to become the most powerful man in the universe ... and to keep oil prices low.... for all Americans....

Europe: Arte Franco-German-Huangarian coproduction involving hundreds of unknown D-rated actors, that speak 25 or more different languages: subtitles from the beginning are guaranteed. Plot usually involves the 567th amendment around article 34.bis in paragraph twothousand of the multilateral cultural diversity protection treaty... : best action line: the opening of water bottles at the beginning of plenary meetings... Not a single European cares.


Neal Stephenson & The Baroque Cycle: FAQ

If you haven't heard about this author, chances are you're missing out on one of the best vibes in literary wonderland. Read this and be ... enlightened.

Reading: The Stars my destination, Alfred Bester