Observation: Paris does something with your shopping instincts... It's crazy to observe all these frantic people running around, hunting for the latest bargain, victims of the consu-man society.
Then, you smile, and straighten up, walk in the sun and enjoy a few raindrops. Life is great...
Because you know....that I know you know....

"Ge moet uwen hemel op aarde pakken. Als er gene meer komt, hebt ge hem al gehad, zoniet, dan hebt ge d'er van 2 genoten..." (PVDR)
Wise wise words indeed...
"Si l'on n'a pas le droit, on prend celui d'à gauche"
De Franse taal leent zich ook tot leuke onverwachte woordspelingen

reading: the Matrix and Philosophy
listening to: the echoes of the Prince concert in A'pen, great company, great music, lousy lousy crowds...(you should check out the slowest McDonald's in the world at the exit of Merksem...
last movies: PlayTime (J.Tati: truly fantastic....) in Flagey, Caro Diario, La Stanza del Figlio
site of the week: Abbie Hoffman, Yippie underground culture...
latest campaign: Larvenvreter: more developments are coming... SOON
Méthode A. Frère = un dosage de patience, de courtoisie, de convivialité,
de méticulosité et de rigueur dans l'exécution des opérations -


Every day in France: 21 deaths & >420 injured in traffic related accidents. Think about THAT for a second and FASTEN your seatbelt

Nissan Pick-up advertisement: a wolf in wolf's clothing...

site of the week


Canadian Sayings:!!!

Does a bear shit in the woods?

"He looks like he's been shot at and missed, then shit at and hit..."
"Saskatchewan is so flat, you can see your dog run away from home for 3 days"