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you'll find the thank-you text and some photos (more to follow) from the Children of the Centro de Formacion Integral PAI PUKU, the project we sponsored with the donations at the occasion of our wedding in september 2003




Follow Up on the Metacortechs.com Game

Alternative Reality Gaming: smoke signals on the horizon: have they got too much time on their hands?

remember "Majestic" - the game?
§Virtual reality mixed with powerfull tools and real-world interference (players would get real calls from real people...)
They pulled the plug on the game after 9/11 - too much pseudo-terrorist content... and maybe they got scared when some real FBI graycoats decided that it just might be too true....
Can you imagine, you're surfing around "playing", and the next thing you know is you get nailed by some cop, because you showed up through Echelon... brrr. or ... cool!

it all reminds me of a good ol' friend who used to play tricks on ignorant innocent people by placing random phone calls from untraceable phone booths...
"George, la mouche est tombée dans le pot de miel, je répète: la mouche est tombée dans le pot de miel..." -end of voice transcript...
And then 5 seconds later a different caller asks whether the bug landed in the honney...

The latest (and most succesfull) development played around a website devoted to the Metacortex company, of Matrix I fame.
Some enthousiastic fan-fiction-authors and developpers took us for a ride, and a hell of ride it was
endgam at: MUMOWMOW

Read the review in The Guardian

Excellent advanced ressources can be found at unfiction.com

*** end transmission . . .

Quote Unquote

the more you know, the less you need - australian aboriginal saying

Lord of the Rings Research


WHOAH: largest movie-reception study will kick off next week: go answer the questionnaire...

You assume:...
You're making an ass out of me and you
(could be a Matrix quote)


The first and the last Samourai

Neal Stephenson (of Cryptonomicon fame) released the first volume of the Baroque Cycle... An intriguing story that opens up with a lot of references to the history of science...

La Loi de Gödel:"En mathématiques, la vérité, c'est ce qu'on ne peut pas démontrer..."

The main character, Enoch the Red is a Fellow of the Royal Society, ... and carries 2 pistols....