Wishing you a less busy 2017

Just finished a monumental read from 2016, KL, a history of the concentration camps. A deeper insight in the destructive machinery and administration at the hear to the Third Reich. Scary to note the dehumanisation, the mechanics behind the organisation of the extermination of so many victims and a staunch warning:
Now reading: BUSY, an inspiring book on how to reorganise your life for more health, happiness and fun, by stopping being too busy. A real eye-opener in how we focus on the wrong things in our daily lives.  
Viewing: Captain Fantastic; a moving story of a non-conformistic family trying to not fit in.
Listening to:

Thinking: Be like the rain
Travelling: from Port Elisabeth over Dubai back home, and now in the upcoming months towards Geneva, Barcelona and bi-weekly trips to Paris
Last picture: the incredible landscapes of the Klein Karoo