Climate Change: Expert-Lord Stern admits he was underestimating...

Lord Stern, author of the landmark 2007 Report for the UK Gov't admitted earlier this month that he underestimated the
- risk
- damages
-.... and probabilities of
increasing temperature beyond +3°C over the next 100 years.

In the report, he estimated the costs of climate change at between 5 per cent and 20 per cent of global gross domestic product. But Lord Stern said data published since the report came out had led him to change his mind.

Victim of ferocious attacks, calling Stern a "scarmonger", his Lordship traveled the world trying to convince public opinion and world leaders that immediate, thorough and desperate actions are needed... which led to the December 2007 UN Agreement in Bali that we'd negotiate for another 2 years to find some way of following-up on Kyoto.

You'd become a sceptic reading this stuff... or you could go about changing your own habits?